Merck Index of Drugs lists quite a variety of caffeine symptoms and indicates that seven grains of the drug is a medical dose (e.g. releiveing an asthma attack). Most cola drinks, tea and coffee contain from one and a half to three grains. Many people take far more than a medical dose at every meal.

The effect is to stimulate the cells of the body to operate on a higher level of activity than God ever inteded. One physician described it this way: "We in America have become a nation of tea and coffee drunkards." Doctors warn heart patients and those with stomach ulcers to leave off caffeine, along with smoking. Another coffee factor has recently been establishedas cancer-causing. This is, by far, the most serious charge which has grown out of the coffee research. Although the carcinogen has not been identified as caffeine, it is definately associated with coffee drinking.

Tea, in addition to its content of caffeine, has another harmful constituent, tannic acid. this powerful chemical is used for dyeing leather. The detrimental effect of sugar concentration in the caffeinated drinks provides still another reason for eliminating it from the diet. The murderous effect of refined sugar threatens the well-being of every habitual user of soft drinks.

"If I don't get my coffee (or coke) I get a headache." This is the truth. The caffeine does take away the headache, but so would a tenth of a grain of morphine. The temporary, sedative effect is to deaden the pain, but the daily dosing of delicate nerve-endings wears off, leaving them more jangled, and demanding more and more sedation.

A total abstinence from things that are harmful, and a moderate, judicious use of the things that are good; not just common sense, guidelines presented by God.

Adventist have a life expectancy almost six years greater than non-Adventists. 70% fewer Adventists die from all types of cancer; 68% fewer from respiratory disease; 88% fewer from TB; 85% fewer from pulmonary emphysema. Adventists have 46% less strokes; 60% less heart disease. Perhaps as a by-product of abstinence from alcohol, they have only about one-third as many accidents.

People may claim the diet and refraining habits of Adventists are different, but they can't complain about the results.