News Entries

  • This Sabbath

    Posted on Jul 22 2010

    Brethren, this sabbath We are going to worship same place, Good news, Wondrous Sound will be holding the services for us, please come to worhip with us
  • To all SDA students in universities

    Posted on May 21 2010

        To all SDA students in secular universities.  May God grant you the ability to bring to remembrance what you have committed to your memory faithfully. God is the owner of wisdom and He has p...

    Posted on May 20 2010

    Our long long lost group AGAPE is back again, please make sure you come to Phase 6 to witness it's live perfomance
  • Sabbath Exam

    Posted on May 11 2010

    Please be aware that we have uploaded a form that you can use for exams that fall on the sabbath day on the document section of our website.
  • Welkom Campus

    Posted on May 11 2010

    Our President was invited to our sister campus CUT Welkom Campus SDASM to a wonderful youth programme organised by Mamello Nteo and Bongani Selvy Kok, the theme of the day was TRUE EDUCATION and ou...
  • Opening Sabbath

    Posted on May 03 2010

    We will be opening the sabbath at Room 92 this friday sunset, please be there, if you don't know the directions, make a please call me to this number or call it, +27766977690 or e-mail dmmrdavo@gma...
  • New Site

    Posted on Apr 14 2010

    CUT SDASM Has a new website
  • Week of prayer

    Posted on Apr 13 2010

    We are still going to have our week of prayer but we have not found a guest speaker yet, please leave a message for me as to whom do you suggest? +27766977690
  • Meeting Reminder

    Posted on Apr 13 2010

    We are meeting on Wednesday 14 April 2010 at 12h00 in our Home(Small Boetroskie Hall 012). May you find blessings and care till we meet.
  • 17 April 2010 Sabbath .

    Posted on Apr 12 2010

    We are going to worship at Boetroskie 012 this Sabbath, please come with you friends to a wonderful Sabbath of the Lord. May the good Lord bless you and keep you safe and sound till we meet again ...